23 November 2003

iRATE radio home

Quasi OpenMusic ;) Man schaue mal auf die Website von iRATE radio home: "RATE radio is a collaborative filtering client/server mp3 player/downloader. The iRATE server has a large database of music. You rate the tracks and it uses your ratings and other people's to guess what you'll like. The tracks are downloaded from websites which allow free and legal downloads of their music."

17 November 2003

Kostenlose MPEG-4-Software vom Fraunhofer Institut

Heise News-Ticker: Kostenlose MPEG-4-Software vom Fraunhofer Institut: "Unter anderem gibt es einen Player, der MPEG-4-Video (Simple Profile und Advanced Simple Profile bis Level 3b) und -Audio abspielt (AAC-LC: Advanced Audio Coding im Low-Complexity-Profile sowie AAC-LTP: Long Term Prediction), sich auf ISMA-1.0-konformes RTP/RTSP-Streaming versteht und laut Fraunhofer mit MPEG-4- und 3GPP-Dateiformaten umgehen kann.

Der ebenfalls verfügbare Encoder erzeugt MPEG-4-Dateien im Simple Profile mit AAC-Audio (LC oder LTP). Als Quelle dienen wahlweise AVI-Dateien oder eine eingespeiste Live-Quelle (Capture- respektive TV-Karte benötigt WDM-Treiber). Der integrierte Server arbeitet gemäß ISMA 1.0."

Siehe auch Quicktime...

05 November 2003

Putting Novell's SuSE Purchase In Perspective

Das sollte man wohl mal lesen...
Slashdot | Putting Novell's SuSE Purchase In Perspective: "The editors over at NewsForge.com have combined their efforts to put today's big news about Novell's purchase of SUSE in perspective: what the news means in business terms and to the Linux community, today and in the future. A good read that includes quotes from industry insiders, IRC inhabitants, and NewsForge.com readers.' Another reader writes 'This is a good analysis piece about how Linux has become Novell's lifeline, especially since NetWare's been dying...and post-Ximian."

SETI Monitor

Falls man Spass an Ausserirdischen hat:SETI Monitor - free SETI@home add-on: "SETI monitor shows you more important data than the screensaver. That's why I wrote it."

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