21 Juni 2004

Blaster Revisited

Blaster Techno-Thriller basierend auf wahren Ereignissen ;) : "The following tale is based upon actual circumstances from corporate enterprises that were faced with confronting and eradicating the Blaster worm, which hit in August 2003. The story provides views from many perspectives, illustrating the complexity and sophistication needed to combat new blended threats."

11 Juni 2004


Sony debuts Linux-based in-car nav in Japan: "Sony introduced three Linux-based in-car navigation and infotainment devices in Japan today. The NV-XYZ 33, 55, and 77 feature 3D map navigation technology, media players, hard drives, GPS, and PC connectivity. And they are based on a Linux 2.4-series kernel. "
Die 3D-Ansicht ist tatsaechlich genial...

10 Juni 2004

Diva Gem Bluetooth MP3 Player Review

Der Diva Gem Bluetooth MP3 Player ist ein Player, der auch Gespräche von einem Bluetoth-Handy annehmen kann: "Now I was ready to take my first call via the MP3 Player. To test I was listening to Radio on the Diva Gem, when a call comes in. The incoming call is notified to me with a ring tone in my headset. Clicking the joystick button I pick up the call. "

Beweis der Riemann-Hyothese gefunden?

Louis de Branges behauptet, er hat den Beweis der Riemann-Hypothese.

BSI-Broschüre: Sicherheit im Funk-LAN (WLAN, IEEE 802.11)

WLAN sicher machen auf offizielle Art und Weise...

PC - Selbsttest

Sicherheitscheck für Browser und PC...

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