26 Oktober 2004

Pascal Syntax Poster

Jef Raskin - Pascal Syntax Poster: "When Brian Howard and I were writing the Pascal Manual for Apple Computer, I discovered that the syntax chart that had been published with previous Pascal books was incorrect. With some effort and attention, I created a new and correct syntax chart, and had the brainstorm to use color to aid in understanding the structure. In each place that a new syntactic unit appeared, I made it in a unique color, and then the graphic definition of that unit was in the same color. This allowed a programmer to quickly scan the chart to find an answer to whatever question they might have about Pascal syntax.

I made up a poster, and soon it was over every programmer's desk at Apple."

25 Oktober 2004


Sozusagen die Fortsetzung des Flight Simulators ist Orbiter - A free space flight simulator: "ORBITER is a free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere. Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station or take the futuristic Delta-glider for a tour through the solar system - the choice is yours."

Apropos Math Editor

Auf Amit's home page: "Welcome! You can try Apropos here". Und (siehe oben), Apropos ist ein Editor für Formeln, der auf statistischer Analyse beruht. Dies ist der entsprechende Slashdot-Artikel .

15 Oktober 2004

Firefox am Stil...

Portable Firefox 0.9.3 & 1.0PR (USB Drive-Friendly): "Firefox supports running from removable drives with minimal reconfiguration. To make life even easier, I've repackaged Firefox as a complete, removable drive-friendly browser. "

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