09 Dezember 2004

Mit Firefox per Du

11 Kapitel einer Browser-Freundschaft: "Die Anleitung 'Mit Firefox per Du - 11 Kapitel einer Browser-Freundschaft' wendet sich an Einsteiger, die wenig Erfahrung mit Browsern und dem Internet haben. Schritt für Schritt lernen Sie wichtige Funktionen von Firefox auf Windows kennen. Danach surfen Sie sicherer, komfortabel und schnell durch das Internet und sind unabhängig vom Internet Explorer. Das Schöne: Mozilla Firefox kostet Sie keinen Cent."

08 Dezember 2004

Und wie würden Sie bei Pisa abschneiden?

Test bei derTagesschau: "Bevor aber jetzt wieder alle auf Bildungssystem und dumme 15-Jährige schimpfen: Wie wäre es, sich selber einmal an einzelnen Original-Aufgaben aus dem Pisa-Test zu versuchen? tagesschau.de lädt Sie dazu ein!"

Wie man mit Lithium-Batterien umgeht...

In diesem Slashdot-Artikel über den iPod, hat Spacecow in einem Kommentar erklärt, wie man mit LiIon-Batterien umgeht:
"Just thought that you might like to know that you are taking the worst possible approach to maintaining the life of your lithium batteries. Lithium battery life is shortened by all of the following:

*) High charge state in warm/hot conditions
*) Deep discharge cycles
*) Extreme discharge (not possible with most modern electronics - built in safety circuits prevent this)

Two generally recommended practices are:

1) Charge early and often. Keep the battery at close to full charge.

2) When storing the battery for long periods of time without use (more than several weeks), discharge to about 40% of capacity and store in a cold location. Avoid freezing the battery, but down to 40-50 degree F will help preserve the charge capacity.

The reason people see their laptop batteries fail quickly is because they keep high charge levels with high temperature for months on end. This will shorten the useful life dramatically.

Take it or leave it, but I work in the consumer electronics industry and deal with the technical issues related to Lithium-ion batteries frequently."

26 November 2004

Esquire:Features:What I've Learned:Homer Simpson

Esquire:Features:What I've Learned:Homer Simpson
When someone tells you your butt is on fire, you should take them at their word.

There is no such thing as a bad doughnut.

Kids are like monkeys, only louder.

If you want results, press the red button. The rest are useless.

There are many different religions in this world, but if you look at them carefully, you'll see that they all have one thing in common: They were invented by a giant, superintelligent slug named Dennis.

You should just name your third kid Baby. Trust me—it'll save you a lot of hassle.

You can have many different jobs and still be lazy.

I enjoy the great taste of Duff. Yes, Duff is the only beer for me. Smooth, creamy Duff . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

You can get free stuff if you mention a product in a magazine interview. Like Chips Ahoy! cookies.

You may think it's easier to de-ice your windshield with a flamethrower, but there are repercussions. Serious repercussions.

There are some things that just aren't meant to be eaten.

The intelligent man wins his battles with pointed words. I'm sorry—I meant sticks. Pointed sticks.

There are way too many numbers. The world would be a better place if we lost half of them—starting with 8. I've always hated 8.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard “My God! He's covered in some sort of goo,” I'd be a rich man.

Be generous in the bedroom—share your sandwich.

I've climbed the highest mountains . . . fallen down the deepest valleys . . . I've been to Japan and Africa . . . and I've even gone into space. But I'd trade it all for a piece of candy right now.

Every creature on God's earth has a right to exist. Except for that damn ruby-throated South American warbler.

I don't need a surgeon telling me how to operate on myself.

Sometimes I think there's no reason to get out of bed . . . then I feel wet, and I realize there is.

Let me just say, Winnie the Pooh getting his head caught in a honey pot? It's not funny. It can really happen.

Even though it is awesome and powerful, I don't take no guff from the ocean.

I never ate an animal I didn't like.

A fool and his money are soon parted. I would pay anyone a lot of money to explain that to me.

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll get a hook caught on his eyelid or something.

I made a deal with myself ten years ago . . . and got ripped off.

Never leave your car keys in a reactor core.

Always trust your first instinct—unless it tells you to use your life savings to develop a Destructo Ray.

When you borrow something from your neighbor, always do it under the cover of darkness.

If a spaceship landed and aliens took me back to their planet and made me their leader, and I got to spend the rest of my life eating doughnuts and watching alien dancing girls and ruling with a swift and merciless hand? That would be sweet.

I may not be the richest man on earth. Or the smartest. Or the handsomest.

Never throw a butcher knife in anger.

The office is no place for off-color remarks or offensive jokes. That's why I never go there.

My favorite color is chocolate.

Always feel with your heart, although it's better with your hands.

The hardest thing I've had to face as a father was burying my own child. He climbed back out, but it still hurts.

If doctors are so right, why am I still alive?

I'm not afraid to say the word racism, or the words doormat and bee stinger.

Always have plenty of clean white shirts and blue pants.

When that guy turned water into wine, he obviously wasn't thinking of us Duff drinkers.

I love natural disasters because we're allowed to get out of work.

When I'm dead, I'm going to sleep. Oh, man, am I going to sleep.

What kind of fool would leave a pie on a windowsill, anyway?

Us.ef.ul (beelerspace)

Us.ef.ul (beelerspace)
"There are several reasons you should probably be using del.icio.us. If you use computers in multiple locations, say one at home and one at work, delicious can synchronize your bookmarks. This becomes even more useful if you’re using Firefox 1.0 for reasons I’ll address in a minute. Secondly, it’s a great way to keep track of things on the web. Built in bookmarks in your browser are cool, but if you’re like me they pile up and become hard to find and manage. Delicious solves this problem by using flat hierarchy, which I’ve talked about before. Suffice it to say that I’ve started wishing everything on my computer used a flat hierarchy like gmail and delicious, and I wonder why it doesn’t."

24 November 2004

Wenn zuviel Regelmäßigkeit in der Sprache nervt...

Gesellschaft zur Stärkung der Verben: "Herzlich willkommen auf der Website der Gesellschaft zur Stärkung der Verben, der Anlaufstelle für schwache und geknochtene Verben aller Sprachen, denen der Weg in die Unregelmäßigkeit erlirchten werden soll."

Writing Code for Spacecraft

Unter diesem Artikel findet sich ein fast noch interessanterer Kommentar: Writing Code for Spacecraft: "What really happened on Mars Rover Pathfinder"

23 November 2004

How Microsoft Lost the API War

Bei Joel on Software - How Microsoft Lost the API War: "Here's a theory you hear a lot these days: 'Microsoft is finished. As soon as Linux makes some inroads on the desktop and web applications replace desktop applications, the mighty empire will topple.'"

MEPIS.org Linux Distro

MEPIS Linux Development ist eine Debian-basierte Distribution, ähnlich wie knoppix oder ubuntu...

22 November 2004

Soll die Türkei in die EU?

Das Great Game in Aktion: Ein bisschen Geopolitik...
TP: Soll die Türkei in die EU?: "Soll die T�rkei in die EU? Diese Frage hat viele Aspekte. Ich konzentriere mich auf einen einzigen; auf den, der (mir) der wichtigste ist; es ist zugleich der, zu dem man in der ganzen Beitrittsdebatte bislang so gut wie nichts findet. Meine Frage: Welche Bedeutung hätte ein Türkei-Beitritt für das, was seit Beginn unserer europäischen Einigungsbemühungen kurz nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg als das Herzstück der europäischen Integration gilt, nämlich das Postulat: In und mit Europa: Nie wieder Krieg?"

18 November 2004

NASA World Wind

NASA World Wind ist ein freies 3D Visualisierungstool für Landkarte (also Erde, Mars etc.)

Solaris 10 kann auch Linux

Solaris 10 kann auch Linux: "Durch einen verbesserten IP-Stack und neue Threading-Verfahren verspricht Sun Performancesteigerungen von bis zu 30 Prozent gegenüber Vorg�ngerversionen. Um Tempo geht es auch bei DTrace (Dynamic Tracing), einem Verfahren, um die Laufzeiteigenschaften von Anwendungen und Anwendungsumgebungen zu untersuchen und Performance-Engp�sse aufzusp�ren. Mehr Stabilit�t soll der Fault Manager bringen, Teil des als Predective Self-Healing bezeichneten Konzepts, das Fehler vorausschauend analysieren und vielleicht sogar beheben soll."

Da geht so einiges -- Wo bleibt eigentlich Microsoft, was Innovationen angeht? ;)

10 November 2004

WeirdX -- Pure Java X Window System Server under GPL

WeirdX Pure Java X Window System Server under GPL...
Falls man sowas mal braucht...


Welkin visualizes RDF models and currently supports only the RDF/XML syntax (but we'll be supporting other syntaxes too, don't worry). If you want to test it with some data, you can start with these graph fragments taken from our of our digital library collection.

05 November 2004

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists

Dear Friends,

Ok, it sucks. Really sucks. But before you go and cash it all in, let's, in the words of Monty Python, “always look on the bright side of life!” There IS some good news from Tuesday's election.

Here are 17 reasons not to slit your wrists:

1. It is against the law for George W. Bush to run for president again.

2. Bush's victory was the NARROWEST win for a sitting president since Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

3. The only age group in which the majority voted for Kerry was young adults (Kerry: 54%, Bush: 44%), proving once again that your parents are always wrong and you should never listen to them.

4. In spite of Bush's win, the majority of Americans still think the country is headed in the wrong direction (56%), think the war wasn't worth fighting (51%), and don’t approve of the job George W. Bush is doing (52%). (Note to foreigners: Don't try to figure this one out. It's an American thing, like Pop Tarts.)

5. The Republicans will not have a filibuster-proof 60-seat majority in the Senate. If the Democrats do their job, Bush won't be able to pack the Supreme Court with right-wing ideologues. Did I say "if the Democrats do their job?" Um, maybe better to scratch this one.

6. Michigan voted for Kerry! So did the entire Northeast, the birthplace of our democracy. So did 6 of the 8 Great Lakes States. And the whole West Coast! Plus Hawaii. Ok, that's a start. We've got most of the fresh water, all of Broadway, and Mt. St. Helens. We can dehydrate them or bury them in lava. And no more show tunes!

7. Once again we are reminded that the buckeye is a nut, and not just any old nut -- a poisonous nut. A great nation was felled by a poisonous nut. May Ohio State pay dearly this Saturday when it faces Michigan.

8. 88% of Bush's support came from white voters. In 50 years, America will no longer have a white majority. Hey, 50 years isn't such a long time! If you're ten years old and reading this, your golden years will be truly golden and you will be well cared for in your old age.

9. Gays, thanks to the ballot measures passed on Tuesday, cannot get married in 11 new states. Thank God. Just think of all those wedding gifts we won't have to buy now.

10. Five more African Americans were elected as members of Congress, including the return of Cynthia McKinney of Georgia. It's always good to have more blacks in there fighting for us and doing the job our candidates can't.

11. The CEO of Coors was defeated for Senate in Colorado. Drink up!

12. Admit it: We like the Bush twins and we don't want them to go away.

13. At the state legislative level, Democrats picked up a net of at least 3 chambers in Tuesday's elections. Of the 98 partisan-controlled state legislative chambers (house/assembly and senate), Democrats went into the 2004 elections in control of 44 chambers, Republicans controlled 53 chambers, and 1 chamber was tied. After Tuesday, Democrats now control 47 chambers, Republicans control 49 chambers, 1 chamber is tied and 1 chamber (Montana House) is still undecided.

14. Bush is now a lame duck president. He will have no greater moment than the one he's having this week. It's all downhill for him from here on out -- and, more significantly, he's just not going to want to do all the hard work that will be expected of him. It'll be like everyone's last month in 12th grade -- you've already made it, so it's party time! Perhaps he'll treat the next four years like a permanent Friday, spending even more time at the ranch or in Kennebunkport. And why shouldn't he? He's already proved his point, avenged his father and kicked our ass.

15. Should Bush decide to show up to work and take this country down a very dark road, it is also just as likely that either of the following two scenarios will happen: a) Now that he doesn't ever need to pander to the Christian conservatives again to get elected, someone may whisper in his ear that he should spend these last four years building "a legacy" so that history will render a kinder verdict on him and thus he will not push for too aggressive a right-wing agenda; or b) He will become so cocky and arrogant -- and thus, reckless -- that he will commit a blunder of such major proportions that even his own party will have to remove him from office.

16. There are nearly 300 million Americans -- 200 million of them of voting age. We only lost by three and a half million! That's not a landslide -- it means we're almost there. Imagine losing by 20 million. If you had 58 yards to go before you reached the goal line and then you barreled down 55 of those yards, would you stop on the three yard line, pick up the ball and go home crying -- especially when you get to start the next down on the three yard line? Of course not! Buck up! Have hope! More sports analogies are coming!!!

17. Finally and most importantly, over 55 million Americans voted for the candidate dubbed "The #1 Liberal in the Senate." That's more than the total number of voters who voted for either Reagan, Bush I, Clinton or Gore. Again, more people voted for Kerry than Reagan. If the media are looking for a trend it should be this -- that so many Americans were, for the first time since Kennedy, willing to vote for an out-and-out liberal. The country has always been filled with evangelicals -- that is not news. What IS news is that so many people have shifted toward a Massachusetts liberal. In fact, that's BIG news. Which means, don't expect the mainstream media, the ones who brought you the Iraq War, to ever report the real truth about November 2, 2004. In fact, it's better that they don't. We'll need the element of surprise in 2008.

Feeling better? I hope so. As my friend Mort wrote me yesterday, "My Romanian grandfather used to say to me, 'Remember, Morton, this is such a wonderful country -- it doesn't even need a president!'"

But it needs us. Rest up, I'll write you again tomorrow.


Michael Moore

03 November 2004


Das semantische Web nimmt Anlauf...
FOAF-a-matic -- Describe yourself in RDF: "FOAF-a-matic is a simple Javascript application that allows you to create a FOAF ('Friend-of-A-Friend') description of yourself."

01 November 2004

Karneval als iPod...

iPod Costume: "I decided to be an iPod for Halloween this year. I didn't just want to be walking around in a box, so I made it a fully functional costume. I finally found a good use for a tablet PC, and used that for the display. A rewired USB mouse served as the 'Forward', 'Reverse', 'Play/Pause' buttons, and a bit of Java code played and displayed the MP3s. Some battery powered speakers provided the sound. It all worked out well, and I even won the costume contest! "

26 Oktober 2004

Pascal Syntax Poster

Jef Raskin - Pascal Syntax Poster: "When Brian Howard and I were writing the Pascal Manual for Apple Computer, I discovered that the syntax chart that had been published with previous Pascal books was incorrect. With some effort and attention, I created a new and correct syntax chart, and had the brainstorm to use color to aid in understanding the structure. In each place that a new syntactic unit appeared, I made it in a unique color, and then the graphic definition of that unit was in the same color. This allowed a programmer to quickly scan the chart to find an answer to whatever question they might have about Pascal syntax.

I made up a poster, and soon it was over every programmer's desk at Apple."

25 Oktober 2004


Sozusagen die Fortsetzung des Flight Simulators ist Orbiter - A free space flight simulator: "ORBITER is a free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere. Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station or take the futuristic Delta-glider for a tour through the solar system - the choice is yours."

Apropos Math Editor

Auf Amit's home page: "Welcome! You can try Apropos here". Und (siehe oben), Apropos ist ein Editor für Formeln, der auf statistischer Analyse beruht. Dies ist der entsprechende Slashdot-Artikel .

15 Oktober 2004

Firefox am Stil...

Portable Firefox 0.9.3 & 1.0PR (USB Drive-Friendly): "Firefox supports running from removable drives with minimal reconfiguration. To make life even easier, I've repackaged Firefox as a complete, removable drive-friendly browser. "

24 September 2004

Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis

Auf den BBC-Seiten zu The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy kann man sich die neuen Folgen der Radioserie anhören (allerdings nur zeitlich begrenzt)...

21 September 2004

Voice Over IP: Telefonieren mit Hintergrundwissen

The Voice over IP Insurrection: "Here is his long missive on the VoIP insurrection, the best and most definitive essay you will ever read on this technology, where it is headed and why it is important."

01 September 2004

Der Wahnsinn um "Trackmania"

Telepolis-Artikel über "Trackmania": "Alles ist Kult. Inmitten einer total kultigen Kommerzwelt bestimmen letztlich aber immer noch die Konsumenten, was denn wirklich Kult für sie ist, da lässt sich nichts verwässern. Bestes Beispiel: 'Trackmania', ein Racer aus Frankreich." Die deutsche Homepage des Spiels ist auch nicht schlecht (Screenshots, Demos etc.)

29 Juli 2004

26 Juli 2004

09 Juli 2004

Bossa, a Framework for Scheduler Development

Unzufrieden mit dem Linux Scheduling Algorithmus? Schreib Deinen eigenen, mit Bossa, a Framework for Scheduler Development: "The recent activity in Linux kernel development caused by the introduction of a new scheduler by Ingo Molnar has emphasized for ordinary Linux users the importance of schedulers in modern operating systems. In this article, we give you a glimpse of what scheduling development is like by letting you implement your own Linux scheduler thanks to Bossa, a framework for scheduler development."

08 Juli 2004

Persönlicher Fahrplan

Nicht über: seinen persönlichen Fahrplan kann man sich bei der DB auch für regionale/städtische Verbindungen (Strassenbahn/Bus) erstellen und sogar für's Handy/Palm erzeugen lassen! Cool...

Synthetic Serendipity

"Synthetic Serendipity" von Vernor Vinge: "In this futuristic tale, Mike Villas is good at playing games. He's about to find out if he's any good at playing people"

21 Juni 2004

Blaster Revisited

Blaster Techno-Thriller basierend auf wahren Ereignissen ;) : "The following tale is based upon actual circumstances from corporate enterprises that were faced with confronting and eradicating the Blaster worm, which hit in August 2003. The story provides views from many perspectives, illustrating the complexity and sophistication needed to combat new blended threats."

11 Juni 2004


Sony debuts Linux-based in-car nav in Japan: "Sony introduced three Linux-based in-car navigation and infotainment devices in Japan today. The NV-XYZ 33, 55, and 77 feature 3D map navigation technology, media players, hard drives, GPS, and PC connectivity. And they are based on a Linux 2.4-series kernel. "
Die 3D-Ansicht ist tatsaechlich genial...

10 Juni 2004

Diva Gem Bluetooth MP3 Player Review

Der Diva Gem Bluetooth MP3 Player ist ein Player, der auch Gespräche von einem Bluetoth-Handy annehmen kann: "Now I was ready to take my first call via the MP3 Player. To test I was listening to Radio on the Diva Gem, when a call comes in. The incoming call is notified to me with a ring tone in my headset. Clicking the joystick button I pick up the call. "

Beweis der Riemann-Hyothese gefunden?

Louis de Branges behauptet, er hat den Beweis der Riemann-Hypothese.

BSI-Broschüre: Sicherheit im Funk-LAN (WLAN, IEEE 802.11)

WLAN sicher machen auf offizielle Art und Weise...

PC - Selbsttest

Sicherheitscheck für Browser und PC...

17 Mai 2004

Test: TwinHan Vision Plus USB-Ter

Hier wird ein Test einer USB-Box für DVB-T durchgeführt: "TwinHan, ein taiwanscher Hersteller für PC Zubehör, bietet seit einiger Zeit eine kleine USB Box an, mit der man ohne zusätzlicher Stromversorgung digitales Fernsehen per Antenne empfangen kann. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine der ersten externen USB Boxen, die ohne Strom auskommen. Doch kann man damit wirklich überall in den TV Genuss kommen?"

14 Mai 2004

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -- The Official Movie Website

Oder auf deutsch "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis -- Der Film". Was kann man mehr sagen: Juhu!
Und das Blog zum Film zum Buch gibt's auch schon ;)


...zuhause aufspüren: "A parallel universe, it may surprise you to learn, is actually detectable in your own home, office, or almost anywhere indoors. All that's required is a red laser pointer, a pin, and a piece of paper."
Naja, das Experiment ist schon ziemlich cool (Welle-Teilchen-Dualismus und so), aber wie der dann auf die Parallel-Universen kommt...

11 Mai 2004

Alan Turing: Thinking Up Computers

Die Business Week hat einen interessanten Artikel über Alan Turing: "The Cambridge University mathematician laid the foundation for the invention of software"


ICHPEILS.NET für langweilige Stunden...

Sex, Sit-ups, Sex

Eine kleine Glosse aus der ZEIT: "Wenn ich so ein Männerleben führen würde, wie die Männermagazine es vorführen, wäre ich längst tot."
Beachtenswert sind die verschwiegenen Punkte am Ende des Artikels...

Hier ist dein Schild ...

Hier ist dein Schild ...: "Doofe Leute sollten Schilder tragen müssen, auf denen 'ich bin doof' steht. Auf diese Weise würde man sich nicht auf sie verlassen, oder? Du würdest sie nix fragen. Es wäre wie 'Tschuldigung, ich... äh, vergiss es. Hab das Schild nicht gesehen.'"

10 Mai 2004

European Space Shuttle Prototype Lands Safely In Sweden

Slashdot berichtet über Phoenix: "'Yahoo! News reports the successful test of a German designed prototype of the European space shuttle, Phoenix , taking place in the north of Sweden, moving the first all European mission into space one step closer.'"

07 Mai 2004

William Gibson

William Gibson: "This was was published as DEAD MAN SPEAKS:

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

We are that strange species that constructs artifacts intended to counter the natural flow of forgetting.

I sometimes think that nothing really is new; that the first pixels were particles of ochre clay, the bison rendered in just the resolution required. The bison still function perfectly, all these millennia later, and what screen in the world today shall we say that of in a decade? And yet the bison will be there for us, on whatever screens we have, carried out of the primal dark on some impulse we each have felt, as children, drawing. But carried nonetheless on this thing we have always been creating, this vast unlikely mechanism that carries memory in its interstices; this global, communal, prosthetic memory that we have been building since before we learned to build.

We live in, have lived through, a strange time. I know this because when I was a child the flow of forgetting was relatively unimpeded. I know this because the dead were less of a constant presence, then. Because there was once no rewind button. Because the soldiers dying in the Somme were black and white, and did not run as the living run. Because the world’s attic was still untidy. Because there were old men in the mountain valleys of my Virginia childhood who remembered a time before recorded music.

When we turn on the radio in a New York hotel room and hear Elvis singing “Heartbreak Hotel”, we are seldom struck by the peculiarity of our situation: that a dead man sings.

In the context of the longer life of the species, it is something that only just changed a moment ago. It is something new, and I sometimes feel that, yes, everything has changed. (This perpetual toggling between nothing being new, under the sun, and everything having very recently changed, absolutely, is perhaps the central driving tension of my work.)

Our “now” has become at once more unforgivingly brief and unprecidently elastic. The half-life of media-product grows shorter still, ‘til it threatens to vanish altogether, everting into some weird quantum logic of its own, the Warholian Fifteen Minutes becoming a quark-like blink. Yet once admitted to the culture’s consensus-pantheon, certain things seem destined to be with us for a very long time indeed. This is a function, in large part, of the rewind button. And we would all of us, to some extent, wish to be in heavy rotation.

And as this capacity for recall (and recommodification) grows more universal, history itself is seen to be even more obviously a construct, subject to revision. If it has been our business, as a species, to dam the flow of time through the creation and maintenance of mechanisms of external memory, what will we become when all these mechanisms, as they now seem intended ultimately to do, merge?

The end-point of human culture may well be a single moment of effectively endless duration, an infinite digital Now. But then, again, perhaps there is nothing new, in the end of all our beginnings, and the bison will be there, waiting for us."

Flarion's Tokyo wireless adventure

The Register berichtet über eine mobile 4G Technik: "Exactly how well Flash-OFDM works in a live application is an issue that many experts have debated. In theory, in Flarion's white papers, Flash has an average downlink speed of 1.5 megabits per second - somewhere between five and six times the data rate of WCMDA 3G phones. Also in theory, it can handle far more simultaneous users, between two and three times, according to Flarion's own estimates."
Also doch kein UMTS-Handy kaufen, sondern abwarten und Tee trinken...

06 Mai 2004

Programming as if Performance Mattered

Der Titel sagt schon alles. Benchmarks und die Optimierung werden hier diskutiert. "I frequently see bare queries from programmers in discussion forums, especially from new programmers, who are worried about performance. These worries often stem from popular notions about what operations are 'slow.' Division. Square roots. Mispredicted branches. Cache unfriendly data structures. Visual Basic. Inevitably someone chimes in that making out-of-context assumptions, especially without profiling, is a bad idea. And they're right. But I often wonder if those warnings are also just regurgitations of popular advice. After all, if a C programmer was truly concerned with reliability above all else, would he still be using C ?"

XP reparieren...

c't 10/2004, S. 94: Windows XP: "Ein Malheur mit den Boot-Sektoren lässt sich leicht beheben. Die Wiederherstellungskonsole, die Sie von der Original-XP-CD starten können, ist das Mittel der Wahl: Sie kann den MBR (fixmbr) und den Boot-Sektor (fixboot) reparieren. Außerdem kann sie nach vorhandenen Windows-Installationen suchen (bootcfg /rebuild) und so eine verloren gegangene oder durch Umpartitionieren wertlos gewordene boot.ini-Datei restaurieren - der Befehl fragt für jede gefundene Windows-Installation nach, ob sie in die boot.ini-Datei aufzunehmen ist.

Lediglich die Boot-Dateien (ntldr und ntdetect.com) kann die Wiederherstellungskonsole nicht direkt restaurieren. Hier müssen Sie selbst ran und die Dateien aus dem i386-Verzeichnis der CD auf die Festplatte kopieren. Das ist zum Beispiel dann nötig, wenn Sie nach Windows XP noch 2000 installieren; die Installation ersetzt die Datei ntldr durch eine Version, die XP noch nicht zu starten vermag."

30 April 2004

GooOS - Google Operating System

GooOS - Google Operating System: "Das alles ist nur möglich, weil Google etwas ganz Neues, Großes aufgebaut hat: Einen riesigen, aus über 100.000 PCs bestehenden Rechner, der mit einem selbst entwickelten Betriebssystem betrieben wird, dem - wie Jason Kottke es nennt - Google Operating System GooOS. Ein System, das nicht nur effizient arbeitet, für jeden Zweck nutzbar ist und jeden Monat schneller wird. Es ist auch noch kostengünstiger, weil es mit Standard-Komponenten betrieben wird."

American Business Computers Katalog (1981)

In diesem American Business Computers Katalog kann man ein bisschen in der Vergangenheit schwelgen...

22 April 2004

Alan Kay erhält den Turing Award 2003

heise online - Alan Kay erhält den Turing Award 2003: "Mit dieser Auszeichnung wird der Mathematiker und Molekularbiologe Alan Kay für sein Lebenswerk geehrt, insbesondere für die Entwicklung von Smalltalk und das System des objektorientierten Programmierens."

20 April 2004

Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem

Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem: "The proof of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem is so simple, and so sneaky, that it is almost embarassing to relate. His basic procedure is as follows:

1. Someone introduces Gödel to a UTM, a machine that is supposed to be a Universal Truth Machine, capable of correctly answering any question at all.
2. Gödel asks for the program and the circuit design of the UTM. The program may be complicated, but it can only be finitely long. Call the program P(UTM) for Program of the Universal Truth Machine.
3. Smiling a little, Gödel writes out the following sentence: 'The machine constructed on the basis of the program P(UTM) will never say that this sentence is true.' Call this sentence G for Gödel. Note that G is equivalent to: 'UTM will never say G is true.'
4. Now Gödel laughs his high laugh and asks UTM whether G is true or not.
5. If UTM says G is true, then 'UTM will never say G is true' is false. If 'UTM will never say G is true' is false, then G is false (since G = 'UTM will never say G is true'). So if UTM says G is true, then G is in fact false, and UTM has made a false statement. So UTM will never say that G is true, since UTM makes only true statements.
6. We have established that UTM will never say G is true. So 'UTM will never say G is true' is in fact a true statement. So G is true (since G = 'UTM will never say G is true').
7. 'I know a truth that UTM can never utter,' Gödel says. 'I know that G is true. UTM is not truly universal.'

Think about it - it grows on you ..."

Pi auswendig lernen leicht gemacht...

Slashdot Poll: "For those of you who want to remember pi to about 20 decimal points...

Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling
in mystic words and magic spelling;
celestial cherubs elucidate
but my own striving can't relate.

3.14159265358979323846 (count the letters)"

06 April 2004

Google News mal anders

newsmap stellt die Google News grafisch dar: sehr übersichtlich (und schön anzusehen...)

22 März 2004

D-Link Karte...

unter Mandrake 10: SourceForge.net: Open Discussion: "Good news..It works.

All you have to do is to put the precompiled module from /3rdparty/acx100 to ../drviers/net directory.

Then type in a console all the things described in acx100 Craig HowTo.

What is annoying is that Mandrake 10 Comunity isn't checking the dependencies between modules at boot so i had to type depmod -a everytime."

c't 7/2004, S. 102: Mobiles Internet

c't 7/2004, S. 102: Mobiles Internet: "Ohne Kabel unterwegs -- Mit Notebook und Handy per Bluetooth-Funk arbeiten"; eigentlich gar nicht so schwer...

11 März 2004

Java Technology and the Mission to Mars

Auf der Sun Website gibt's den Artikel hier: Java Technology and the Mission to Mars: "Q:How does the public version of the Maestro application work?

A: If you go to the Maestro website (http://mars.telascience.org), You will find that they've got two sets of downloads. One is the Maestro application itself, and the other is a first teaser set of data from Mars. There are different versions for different platforms. There's one for Solaris, a version for Linux, there's a version for Windows and more. The fact that they've got all those versions just shows you how portable Java is, how cross-platform it is. It's exactly the same program in all of those, they are just packaged differently.

So when you download the first set of data. There's a script that walks you through looking at some of the data. Using the 3-D model they have there, and using your mouse, you can actually manipulate the 3-D model and you can get a view as if you're standing off to the side of the landing looking back at it. You can actually wander around the landing site. You can see the rocks. You can see one of the places where one of the air bags didn't deflate completely. All of this 3-D, walk-through visualization is using standard Java APIs like Java 3-D API, Java Advanced Imaging API, Java networking APIs and the user interface APIs.

Using the Maestro version they are distributing, not only do you see a 3-D model of the terrain, you see a 3-D model of the Rover. You can actually drive the Rover on this simulated terrain. It has this 'video game' aspect to it. Except that you're actually driving it on a terrain model that's real. It's real Mars data that's constructing this terrain. It's not like playing Dune, where you're going through this maze that's completely fictitious."

Hmmm... Das sollte man sich wohl mal angucken...

Änderungen im Linuxkernel 2.6

Änderungen im Linuxkernel 2.6: "Dieses Dokument beschreibt einige der neuen Funktionalitäten, die im neuen 2.6-Linux-Kernel zu finden sind. Weiterhin findet ihr einige typische Fallen und neue Merkmale, die noch Tests benötigen."
Alles in allem ein recht interessanter Überblick...

05 März 2004

Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community and urpmi...

Slashdot | Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community is Available: "If you have broadband, one of the first things you should do with mandrake is remove the cd's as package sources (in the gui, just to to packaging->manage media, or something like that, and delete the cd sources) and follow the directions at http://urpmi.org/easyurpmi/index.php to add ftp mirrors. Then you can install programs on the command line (as root) by saying 'urpmi package.' For instance, urpmi gaim will install gaim. 'urpmi -y blah' searches. 'urpme package' uninstalls. 'urpmi --auto-select' updates everything. The gui tools can do all this too."
Hmmmm.... :)

02 März 2004

Rosetta Stone for Unix

Rosetta Stone for Unix: "A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator (ROSETTA STONE) or What do they call that in this world?"
Eine Tabelle, in der diverse Tasks und die zugehörigen Befehle/Dienstprogramme der verschiedensten Unices aufgeführt sind, frei nach dem Motto: "Das will ich machen, dieses System habe ich -- und wie geht das nun?"

26 Februar 2004

Slashdot | Upgrading Your Current System To Kernel 2.6

Slashdot | Upgrading Your Current System To Kernel 2.6: "This white paper provides an overview of the process of moving an existing desktop system to the 2.6 kernel. It will highlight other software requirements imposed by the new kernel and administrative changes that you must make when migrating an existing system to the 2.6 kernel. It supplements previous whitepapers in the same series about Customizing the 2.6 kernel [Slashdot discussion here(1)] and porting drivers to the 2.6 kernel [Slashdot discussion here(2)] to the 2.6 kernel."

20 Februar 2004

William Gibson

The Philadelphia Inquirer Online: "'Squinting at the present'

William Gibson, pioneer of cyber science fiction, begs to differ with those who describe him as a futurist."

18 Februar 2004

iX 3/2004, S. 48: Web-Publishing

iX 3/2004, S. 48: Web-Publishing: "Cocoon 2.1: XML als HTML oder PDF dynamisch darstellen"
Einfach nur cool -- und ein Apache-Projekt...

17 Februar 2004

TheStar.com - Steve bids adieu to Walt Disney ...

TheStar.com - Steve bids adieu to Walt Disney ...: "Steve bids adieu to Walt Disney ...
Jobs boasts his Pixar Corp. will outclick ex-partner
Video, music give him makings of own magic kingdom"

Und noch mehr über Steve Jobs Strategien...

13 Februar 2004

Netzwerk Recherche e.V. - Projekte

Netzwerk Recherche e.V. - Projekte: "Initiative Nachrichtenaufklärung und Netzwerk Recherche stellen die Liste der am meisten vernachlässigten Nachrichten und Themen des vergangenen Jahres vor"
Da sind ganz interessante Sachen bei...

The Simpsons Personality Test

The Simpsons Personality Test: "Find out which character from The Simpsons you are most like!"
Hihi... Ich bin tatsächlich Homer ;)

11 Februar 2004


Das Spiegel-Marspanorama-Projekt hat alle bekannteren Mars-Panoramas gesammelt und stellt sie auf einer Flash-Seite zur Verfügung.

10 Februar 2004

Loriot als Professor...

... über sich selbst im Spiegel:

"Loriot also. Was hat Vicco von Bülow über jenen bunten Vogel zu sagen, der seit jeher das Wappen der von Bülows ziert, auf französisch Loriot heißt und so zum Künstlernamen avancierte, kurz: über sich selbst? Einen "Blick über die 80 Jahre eines Amateurs" versprach der Dozent zu werfen und die Frage zu beantworten: "Wie konnte das passieren?"

Ja, wie eigentlich? Zum Abheften im studentischen Leitz-Ordner hier also noch einmal ganz nüchtern die wichtigsten Stationen im Werdegang Loriots:

* Erste Berührung mit dem Poetischen ("Wenn sich mein Vater, wie damals üblich, auf einer dieser Veranstaltungen anschickte, eine Ballade von Münchhausen, Fontane oder Goethe vorzutragen, verfielen mein Bruder und ich in eine Art Verlegenheitsstarre.")
* Einstimmung auf die Musik ("Trotzdem wehrte ich mich mit ungezogener Deutlichkeit gegen das Angebot, Klavierspielen zu lernen. Einfacher und sicherer erschien mir das Grammophon.")
* Berufliche Desorientierung ("Ich begann eine steuerpflichtige Tätigkeit als Holzfäller in den Waldungen Niedersachsens. Dort wäre ich wohl noch heute am Werk, wenn mich mein Vater nicht unter Hinweis auf ein gewisses zeichnerisches Talent zu einem Studium der Malerei überredet hätte.")
* Zeichenunterricht ("Weniger kompliziert war das Aktmodell im Zeichensaal der Schule, eine vollschlanke Blondine, die in einer Arbeitspause unter Beibehalt ihrer Berufskleidung das drei Stockwerke tiefer gelegene Lohnbüro aufsuchte.")
* Arbeit als Cartoonist für den "Stern" ("Ich war 25 und empfand als Student des letzten Semesters dieses Ansinnen als Beschädigung der künstlerischen Würde - bis die Dame hinzufügte, es werde pro Zeichnung ein Betrag von 20 Mark angewiesen.")
* Arbeit fürs Fernsehen und die erste Begegnung mit Evelyn Hamann ("Als weibliche Hauptrolle schwebte mir vor eine mittelgroße, etwas füllige 50-Jährige, dauergewellte, blonde, deutsche Hausfrau. Beim ersten Treffen erschien eine große, dünne 30-jährige Wilde, mit ungebändigtem brünetten Haarwuchs. Die Frage, ob sie bis zu den Dreharbeiten 15 Kilo zunehmen könne, beantwortete sie ausweichend. Auch an der Größe ließ sich nichts ändern.")
* und schließlich die späte Berufung zum Filmemacher ("Wenn ein Jungfilmer im Rentenalter, also über 65 ist, sollte er Buch, Hauptrolle und Regie übernehmen, um zeitraubende Diskussionen während der Dreharbeiten zu vermeiden.") "

08 Februar 2004

06 Februar 2004

Webhosting scheint guenstig eworden zu sein...

all-inkl.com: "# 1 x Domain inklusive
# 150 x Subdomain
# 500 MB Speicherplatz
# 50 GB Traffic
# 500 x E - Mail
# FPSE Erweiterung
# 10 x MySQL-Datenbanken
# 100 Kunden je Server

# 4,95 EUR je Monat
# 14,95 EUR Einrichtung"

Nicht schlecht...
Fuer Root-Server kann man auch bei alturo gucken (United Internet-Mitglied, wie Schlund und 1&1)...

04 Februar 2004

ClocX homepage

Auf der ClocX homepage kann man sich 'ne frei konfigurierbare (und auch 'durchklickbare', ähnlich wie JSTime) Uhr 'runterladen.

03 Februar 2004

Using the EPOC Database Manager

Hier gibt's Infos zum Zugriff auf die Datenbanken, die in EPOC (Symbian) wichtig sind...

NewLC - Getting started with Symbian development

NewLC - Getting started with Symbian development: "This tutorial will try to answer questions on how to get started with Symbian C programming."


Passages in the Void, The Passage Home und Rite of Passage sind lesenswerte Science-Fiction Kurz(?)geschichten.

Nokia - SE -Applications & Games Page

Nokia 7650 -Applications & Games Page:"Download Polyphonic Tones (English / Aarabic)
Download Background Images (1 2 3)
Download Animated Images (1 2 3)
Download Free Applications / Games for 7650/3650
Download DEMO Applications / Games for 7650/3650

Download Skins for Smart Launcher (New Looks for the Menu)

Download PC Utilities for 7650/3650 (Video Players / Data suite...)"

02 Februar 2004

Symbian Themes

Symbian Themes: "If you have a Nokia 7650, 3650 or N-Gage mobile phone, you will be able to download new wallpapers, operator logos, SmartLauncher skins, and for the first time ever - new icon packs to replace the default Series 60 icons."

Community Site for Series 60

All About Symbian - Community Site for Series 60 (Nokia 7650, 3650, N-Gage), UIQ (Sony Ericsson P800) and Symbian Users

Nokia 7650 Skins

"Nicht vergessen, du hast ein SmartPhone ... Also lass es auch so aussehen:

Wie z.B. hier mit dem Programm SmartLauncher & SkinEditor:" Nokia 7650

Nokia Freeware Downloads...

Hier zu haben...

Download Opera

Download Opera: "Opera for Nokia devices"...

Free as in Freedom

Hier ist die Biographie von Richard Stallman (RMS) zu finden -- eine interessante Lektüre für Freunde freier Software und solche die es werden wollen...

30 Januar 2004

TP: Fast-Food-Experiment

TP: Fast-Food-Experiment: "Für einen US-Dokumentarfilm spielte der Regisseur zugleich Versuchskaninchen und ernährte sich mit erahnbaren Folgen 30 Tage lang nur von McDonald's-Produkten"

Nit-Pickers Guide to The Lord of the Rings

Nit-Pickers Guide to The Lord of the Rings: "1. It was both Bilbo and Frodo's birthday party--Bilbo's 111th and Frodo's 33rd (FOTR p.44,55). Jackson failed to mention Frodo's birthday."
Und so weiter, und so fort -- nur für Puristen geeignet ;)

29 Januar 2004

3D auf dem Mars...

Opportunity rover set for 'coolest geologic field trip': "This is Opportunity's view of layered rocks in an outcropping near the lander. Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
Download larger image here; 3-D version can be seen here."

28 Januar 2004

Columbia's Final Minutes

So, damit wäre dann auch die Sache mit dem "bißchen" Schaum gekärt, der soviel Schaden angerichtet hat.
Newsday.com - Columbia's Final Minutes: "The team concluded the foam broke away from the left bipod ramp 81.7 seconds after liftoff and hit the underside of Columbia's left wing two-tenths of a second later. The foam measured 21 to 27 inches long by 12 to 18 inches wide. It was tumbling at 18 revolutions per second. Before the foam separated, the shuttle -- and the foam -- had a velocity of 1,568 mph, about twice the speed of sound. Because of its low density, the foam rapidly decelerated once in the airstream, slowing by 550 mph in that two-tenths of a second. The foam didn't fall on to the leading edge of the left wing as much as the shuttle ran into it from below. The relative speed of the collision was more than 500 mph, delivering more than a ton of force.

On July 7, investigators using a nitrogen-powered cannon fired a 1,200-cubic-inch block of foam weighing 1.67 pounds at RCC panel 8, taken from the shuttle Atlantis. Traveling at 530 mph, the foam blew a ragged 16-inch hole in the RCC panel, vividly demonstrating how much damage foam could do."

27 Januar 2004

19 Januar 2004

14 Januar 2004


BootSkin: "Unlike other programs that can change the Windows XP boot screens, BootSkin does so in a safe manner. It doesn't patch the Windows XP kernel. Nor does it require the user to download replacement Windows XP kernels to do so.

This has 2 advantages: 1) Boot screens that use BootSkin are typically under 20K compared to other boot screen programs whose files are over 2 MEGABYTES. 2) There is no risk of having your system unable to boot due to a corrupted file or after applying a service pack.

And best of all, BootSkin is free."

Und noch besser: es sieht anscheinend auch gut aus ;)


RFC 1925: "The Twelve Networking Truths". Sollte Allgemeinwissen sein, wenn man mit Computer (bzw. Netzwerken) zu tun hat...

13 Januar 2004

Logarithmic Maps of the Universe

Das hier waere mal eine huebsche dekorative Idee...
Logarithmic Maps of the Universe: "To print the map, print out the individual sheets and tape them together to make a wall map. To get the best quality and resolution, use the PostScript versions."

07 Januar 2004

Bruce Sterling on media, design, fiction, and the future

Reason: Cybergreen -- Bruce Sterling on media, design, fiction, and the future: "Contributing Editor Mike Godwin talked with Sterling last summer, in the sprawling house the author designed for himself and his family in Austin, Texas."
Für solche Interviews kann man auch ruhig mal ein bißchen Zeit opfern...

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